Enola Holmes movie trailer based on Nancy springer book - Pervs Review

Enola Holmes movie trailer based on Nancy springer book

Enola Holmes movie trailer based on Nancy springer book
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Based on Nobel

Enola Holmes is a story based on the upcoming "Nancy Springer book" The film is based on the teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes, directed by Bradbir, and written by "Jack Thorne".  In this film, two brothers and one sister have played their roles.  Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, Adele Akhtar, Fiona Shaw, Frances De La Tour, Louis Partridge, Susie Wokoma and Helena Bonham.

Ebola Holmes movie story

In this movie, Enola Holmes' mother is more than worth the property to them, which is a free thought. They are always together, but when Enola Holmes does not see her mother in her house on her 16th birthday, she gives her two brothers the railway.  She goes to the station to find Sherlock (Henry Cavill), a well-known detective, and another politician politician Mycroft (Sam Claflin) who takes care of her and helps find her mother.

Enola Holmes movie trailer based on Nancy springer book
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Enola escapes leaving her two brothers and is sent behind by some boys who have never seen her, a brother who wants to send her to school and others find her mother, who is implicated in the violent female suffrage movement  Is, but Enola makes another plan to escape the two brothers. He remembers his mother saying that you have two paths, which you have chosen for yourself and which others have chosen for you.  Then she makes a decision to find her mother and sets off to find her mother in London. Inola's older brother says that a wild woman has made her daughter wild.

Enola Holmes movie trailer based on Nancy springer book
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We want to make him good, the other brother says that he is very intelligent.  Inola has begun her game, she changes her character to fight to escape her two brothers and has to confuse the two brothers who know both their family and the murderous secret.  To watch this flamboyantly glowing romantic movie, it is put together Eband it is more fun to watch.  Hopefully, people will not get to see this thrilled movie shared on Netflix Premium on 23 September 2020.

Enola Holmes movie cast

  • Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes
  • Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes
  • Sam Claflin as Mycroft Holmes
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes
  • Adeel Akhtar as Inspector Lestrade
  • Fiona Shaw as Miss Harrison
  • Frances de la Tour as Tewksbury’s grandmother
  • Louis Partridge as Lord Viscount Tewksbury
  • Susie Wokoma as Edith
  • Burn Gorman as Linthorn
  • David Bamber as Sir Whimbrel
  • Hattie Morahan as Lady Tewksbury

Directed by

  • Harry Bradbeer

Produced by

  • Mary Parent
  • Alex Garcia
  • Millie Bobby Brown
  • Paige Brown

Written by

  • Jack Thorne

Based on

  • The Enola Holmes Mysteries by Nancy Springer
  • Starring
  • Millie Bobby Brown
  • Sam Claflin
  • Henry Cavill
  • Helena Bonham Carter

Music by

  • Daniel Pemberton
  • Cinematography Giles Nuttgens

Edited by

  • Adam Bosman

Production company

  • Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Legendary Pictures
  • PCMA Productions

Distributed by

  • Netflix

Release date

  • 23 September 2020

Running time

  • 123 minutesCountry

United Kingdom

  • United States


  • English

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