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Aashram 2series review The dark side watch on MX player

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Aashram season 2

The prevalence of web series in India is increasing at a rapid pace, once a new web series is being brought to the audience so that viewers can be entertained well due to coronavirus disease in India, in this order a new webseries of Bobby Deol's Ashram  2 has also been released.  Ashram season 1 proved to be a very popular series, in which Bobby Deol managed to leave an impression in the hearts of the audience with his acting.  

Many people have also demanded a boycott on the web series Ashram.  But inspite of all this, the series was very successful and after this people were eagerly waiting for the arrival of Ashram 2.  

And this wait of you guys is over too.  Eventually Ashram 2 was also released on MX Player. Let us tell you that Bobby Deol entered the world of web series for the first time through the series Ashram.  And now that Ashram to Main will also be seen coloring his acting.


In the web series Ashram directed by Prakash Jha, Bobby Deol was seen acting as Baba Nirala Kashipur.  This series was released on MX Player.  Even before the release of Part 1 of the web series Ashram, it seemed to attract a lot of people.  But the story of this film of eight episodes in the first part 1 is not complete. 

The first part of the ashram saw only the base role of this series.  And now the Ashram has been released the second season to complete this story.  It remains to be seen whether Ashram Season 2 completes the story of that film.

Story of Aashram series

The story of Bobby Deval's series Ashram is the story of one Baba Nirala Kashipur.  This is a story of babas and hypocrites. Those who rob people in the name of religion, and keep them in the circle of superstition. So that his work can go on business and he can get a prestigious place in the society. 

Review Aashram season 2 The dark side


In this series there is a wonderful ashram of Baba Nirala Kashipur. And charity work is done in this ashram.  To say that the Baba of this ashram helps the socially backward and poor people, but in another form he keeps the people in the circle of superstition.  So that it can get prestige.

He has innumerable assets like School College Hospital and Vriddh Ashram. This Baba's magic attracts people easily. And people also get caught in this superstition easily.  And just as Baba makes donations and religion, so he does.  People do not have to pay any money to stay in this ashram, instead, they are also given work and salary for that work.  

Baba with this ashram has a very strong hold on religion as well as politics.  The ruling party and other opposition parties come to this ashram for their political gains. And here they worship in the name of religion.

The manager of Baba's ashram is Bhupendra Singh i.e. Bhopa.  Bhopa is a close colleague of Baba or say Baba is another form. From the care of the ashram to the time of what is to happen in the ashram, it manages itself.

During a high profile project in the ashram, a human beings get the skeleton, which is convened for the police. The investigation of this skeleton is entrusted to the Inspector Under Lion. But after a gradually all the links start opening. And Baba's secret of that ashram starts to face. Now it is the point of view. 

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That is why it comes to the clutches of the Ashram's Baba, or it is saved through politics dent. And to learn all this, you will have to see the web series ashram. To say, this web series has been created to highlight the superstition in the name of religion. 

But this is a special thing about this web series, its director Prakash Jha's political and caste understanding. Those who look good in this series. Even before that Prakash Jha has made its understanding films like reservation and abduction. And once again, through this movie, he is trying to tell how backward and uneducated people in society are trapped in their clutches. 

And to destroy their homes for their benefit. This series also works in a public awareness. In this series, there has been openly talked about the pretense in the name of religion. Those people who understand this, how to avoid this superstition. It has also been shown through this series, how some special caste people make their pressure on some other castes. Because their dominance still remained.

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Prakash Jha has tried to make this web series quite a realistic. While viewing this web series, you will look like events in everyday life. Which will you see on the newspapers or news channels every day. In the ashram, how the people of the people should be grabbed, Baba was done on women. 

You get to hear through the news channel in everyday newspapers. And this series has also been tried to show some similar reality things. Although this series is full of suspense and thriller. By the way, the script of this film has been a good job in the script and direction. 

But if the actor Bobby Deol, who plays his lead role, he could not do anything special. Although he has succeeded a great extent in leaving his impression on people in the form of hypocrisy Baba. But the way they are expected, those expectations could not be fulfilled. 

Darshan Kumar, who played the character of Inspector Experting Singh, was playing a good role in his character. At the same time, if Vikram Kochhar and Chandan Roy were also seen playing their character well. And also successful in leaving his impression in the hearts of the audience. In the same actresses, TRIA Chaudhary and Aditi Sudhir also succeeded in their acting.

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