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Expiry date series review official on zee5

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Expiry date series Story                        

Expiry Date is a web thriller which is better and better its every episode, shows the love of a young couple in the form of Expiry Date Web Series Suspense Thriller.

"Expiry date" means something that can be used. This is the expiry date, those relationships, trust, and relationships, which are standing on the foundation of faith. If that confidence breaks down, then it can cause such passion and storm within a person who forces him to go to any extent to take revenge. This is the "Expirational Date" of Director Martand Shankar.

Expiry date series review

Web Series Expiry Date, which is the story of the belief, Sunita, direction and sunny. Expiry date series has two different families and two different stories. This story is that those relationships begin with love, happiness, confidence and ends on deceit, revenge and disbelief.

Expiry date which is a 10-episode web series, which is full of interesting characters and in which the main characters have been performed very spectacular and stronger, which are interested in the 5 hours during the 10 episodes. The credit goes to its director Martand Shankar who has contributed a lot to heighting this web series.

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This is the most new suspense thriller published on the story of a young couple, with a lot of love, whose marriage runs by happiness and faith, which becomes a complicate game like cat and rat exposed to the secret (Tony Lue) But what is the performance, it is that actor Madhu Shalini, who plays a charming and beautiful girl of a rich family, which conspirates a cruel and deep crime and it falls into a deep gap that digs itself.

Expiry date series cast

Madhu Shalini, Sneha Ullal, Tony Luke, Ali Raza are seen in the main character in this series and this series has directed by Maratand's Shankar. This series is the manufacturer Shatth Marar. If you appreciate the entertaining plotline and love thrills that keep you on the edge of your sofa seat, then it will be waiting to see what is going to happen in the next episode;

Viswa (Tony Luke) is immersed in love with her wife direction (Madhu Shalini), but she realizes that she is cheating with Sunny (Ali Raza). Which is a gym trainer. Viswa expressed ignorance on this whole matter and searched the direction to file a missing complaint, while he carefully keeps the direction with him and dodge the police. They are not doing so and the matter passes through a turn and turn of turn.

It is eventually known that Sunny has also been killed on the same day, when the direction was missing in this case, when Sunny's wife Sunita (Sneha Ullal) is questioned, she claims that she does not know anything. Both of them collaborated to give the belief that Sunny and direction have betrayed them both and in fact they are both 'missing'. However, they soon discover that there is a third person who knows their black secrets and wants to go back to Duo.expiry.

Expiry date series trailer 

You are starting to be filled in the beginning, as you start guessing what is the story and the first episode starts with a man who is found in whisper, which is going on for a deserted place in her twenties. He falls on the ground and makes his life a bit. And then, we hear a gun's pill. In the shot is a man's world and then we are gradually taken back in time so that the events can be revealed. But at every step, the question arises in your mind . Is the world that is going to get out of this hassle?


The series of 10-episodes surprises in more than one way and performs great. The characters fully support the story-line. Actor Tony Luke is talented in the form of his partner in the Vishwa and arms, Sneha has equally strong screen presence in Sunita played by Ullal. He assures us in the illustration of a simple girl, who had cheated her husband and now she is a victim of circumstances.

But in view of this performance, the actor Madhu Shalini, who plays the role of a charming girl of a rich family, which plotes a brutal crime and she falls into a deep gap that digs themselves. Expiry date is not a series of episodes exposing a murder mystery. It is about those shawful surfaces, which loves at first sight that love paves the path of infidelity and disbelief at first sight.

The special thing of Web Series Expiry Date is his script. Expiry date script has been successful in keeping the audience tied up by the end of the series. This is a mixture of auspicious mystery, adventure and impulse. This web series expiry date. Another special thing of this web series expiry date is its casting, this series is made in Telugu language but this release has first happened in Hindi language. Web Series Expiry Date has done the communication writer Kamal Maharishi

This series is made very beautifully, in which deep focus shots, superb looking shadows and right. Music is also present in the background to keep the mystery alive. This series is still another masterpiece in the story of director Shankar, who has given us a memorable hit like Mansantha Nuwa and Everena Appudena in the past. Experienced date is a clever and pleasant thriller that should definitely look for it.

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